WELCOME To Chef Malcolm!

I am delighted to welcome our new Chef here at Lazy Cook. Executive Chef Malcolm David Burroughs will be taking over the cooking and yes, bring some fabulous extras too! Chef Malcolm has travelled extensively in his long standing career as a colourful culinary expert and I am looking forward to working side by side with him and learning some new cooking tricks! Not everyday you get to spend some quality time with a .


A fresh start just in time for SPRING! – we will be closing the kitchen from the 21st August till the 25th August as we will be moving to a bigger and better kitchen! If you need meals for that week please place your orders this week to avoid a short supply

Sometime you just need a good lasagne!

This post is far from the timesaving tip I gave in the previous one. But Sometimes you just need a good lasagne!!! Right? I just couldn’t resist, so decided to make an Italian classic with a bit of heart! And yes, it is your lucky day today because I am going to give you the recipe! The family are sure to come back for seconds and perhaps thirds and some for the lunch box, .

What’s for dinner tonight?

So, finally I get around to writing my first blog post! Gosh, took me quite a while! Yes, being the cook for all the Lazy Cook’s that regularly order from me can be quite pressured at times, but love every minute of it! I know not everyone has the patience to be in a kitchen after your busy days in the office or running around after the kiddies, but perhaps I could help out .