Why Organic?

The levels of vitamins in our food is nowhere close to what it used to be, and similarly, organic foods have been proven to contain 50% more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than similar food that is produced in a regular manner. Even if you try to eat more fruits and vegetables to account for the deficiencies in today’s mass-produced products, you will wind up eating even more chemicals in the meantime!

Because food producers were trying to mass produce food quickly and in the cheapest possible way, chemicals like pesticides and herbicides were created to extend the life of our fruits and vegetables, to make sure animals and insects do not attack them, and to avoid mold from growing on them. These chemicals were created with the best intentions, but have been linked more recently to troubling health problems.

Whether people have actual health problems or they have simply heard of the many health issues that may possibly come from ingesting chemicals through normal food processing, many individuals are turning to organic foods so they can trust what they are putting in their bodies and what they are feeding their loved ones.

Organic foods also do not use antibiotics in animal food, which can cause people to become more resistant to fighting disease over time. Additionally, organic farms are much safer for their employees to work at since they aren’t exposed from all of these dangerous pesticides and chemicals. Overall, organic farming is so much safer for everyone involved.